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What does Kunal Parekh High School Tours offer ?

At Kunal Parekh High School Tours, we offer our well acclaimed undergraduate student recruitment tours through high school visits in India. With a network of 100+ High Schools in 15 Cities across India and top-notch in country logistics efficiency, our tours are designed to ensure International institutions have a productive, memorable and safe trip to India that enables them to truly focus on only what matters most during their visit i.e. engaging with good fit students, parents and high school counselors for the purpose of undergraduate student recruitment.

High School Tours in India

Our well-acclaimed high school tours are designed to ensure International Institutions engage with their target audience for the purpose of undergraduate student recruitment and experience a productive, safe and memorable trip to India.

Counsellor Networking Conclaves

Our Counsellor Networking Conclaves are designed to enable your institution to make meaningful connections with High School Counsellors in charge of University Applications. We provide an opportunity to build valuable long-term relationships with High School Counsellors that aid your recruitment efforts.

Strategic B2B Services

Collaborating with International Institutions to offer local on the ground support to execute their India focused undergraduate student recruitment initiatives